How to wax your surfboard

How to wax a new surfbiard

All shiny and new!

So I bought a new surfboard last weekend, a brand new one (pretty excited!)

And I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you guys that have never had to wax a board completely from scratch how to do it.

And with all the travelling you’re going to be doing, you may well need to be switching the type of wax you have, don’t want that soft cold water wax streaming off your board in all that tropical sun now do we?

So here we go…

Step 1: Get wax, you’ll need at least half a bar, the bigger your board the more you’ll need. I used about three quarters of a bar for this board.

Step 2: Start off with diagonal stripes on the areas of your board that need wax…

how to wax a surf board


Step 3: Once you’ve done the whole area, do diagonal stripes the other way in a kind of criss-cross pattern…

how to wax a surf board

This pattern gives you a good, neat base so you can start building up the wax. If you just go in all gung-ho in all directions straight away, you’ll find it hard to get the wax to stick properly and you’ll end up with smears and gaps and it will look all fugly.


Step 4: Next up, work in circles to fill in the gaps and start to build up a good covering

how to wax a surf board


Step 5:  Then when you’ve got a good even covering all over, you can start with long side to side motions to build it up until you’ve got enough…

how to wax a surf board

Ta dah! One lovely, freshly waxed board.

*disclaimer… this isn’t the ONLY way to wax a board, I’m sure there are hundreds. But having done myself a lot because of all the travelling between hot and cold countries, this is one of the most efficient ways I’ve found. It comes courtesy of Tim at the Longboard House in Newquay in Cornwall, who sold me my first ever new board… and in fact sold me the latest one too!

Extra hint… don’t do this in a really warm room or out in the sun, the wax will get all sticky and won’t stick properly. Cool and shady is the way forward.

Do you have any hints or tips for waxing a board? Tell us in the comments below

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Author: Amy Lambert

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