Our story

Mellow waves was born from a love of surfing and being in the water. We wanted to build a guide to help people like me and my friends… we’ve been surfing a while now, and we’re pretty competent, but by no means experts, we never get enough time in the water to be really good. But we just love to surf, and hang out with our friends on the beach after, watching the sun set over the ocean with some fish tacos and a cold beer.

The idea for mellow waves was born in the back of a Moroccan taxi, heading back to our apartment in Taghazout after I’d been pummelled by a heavy beach break in Morocco and ended up washed into the rocks.

I was happy to still be in one piece and my head was spinning with adrenalin as our taxi driver sped along the winding coast road, I suddenly thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shit surfers guide?”

“What do you mean?” asked my friend, “Well you know, like an idiot’s guide, something that would have told me there’s a strong rip at high tide, and maybe would have meant I didn’t just nearly drown”… and so the idea for mellow waves was born.

Since then it’s become more than just the shit surfers guide… the idea has evolved into a complete resource to help you get more time in the water, and find the right sort of waves for your ability, as well as make sure you’re fit and raring to go when you get there.


We need you!

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Photocredit: sanjuansurf